Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hughes, Arroyo, and Vargas

According the Twins are reportedly interested in pitchers Phil Hughes (Yankees), Bronson Arroyo (Reds), and Jason Vargas (LA Angels). Hughes and Arroyo are expected to receive multi- year deals and large sums of money in that contract, which could scare off the Twins when trying to sign these guys.

Phil Hughes, 26, RHP, is coming off an acceptable year that would be a definite upgrade for the Twins if they were to sign him. In 2013 he went 8-3, with a 3.52 ERA,  and 87 IP, 75/21 K/BB, and a 1.20 WHIP. Overall he is coming off a year that looks great on paper and on the field. If he were to sign with the Twins I could see these numbers improve as he would move into a larger ballpark, in Target Field as compared to Yankee stadium. According to Twins Daily offseason Handbook, Hughes is estimated to receive a 3 year $30 million deal, which is more than reasonable for the Twins, especially at his young age of 26.

Bronson Arroyo, 37, RHP, who for his age pitched in 202 innings in 2013, in those innings he had an ERA of 3.79, which isn't terrible but would be something worth looking at if he were to come over to the American League. He also got paid $16.5 million last year and is now, according to the Twins Daily offseason Handbook, looking for a 2 year $24 million deal. Something the Twins could afford, along with the Hughes contract, giving us two front of the rotation guys, that would only take up $24 million a year.

Jason Vargas, 30, LHP, compared to the other two pitchers listed he has the highest ERA of 4.02 in 150 innings. Also In the middle of last season he was removed due to a blood clot in his shoulder, which is something I hope the Twins don't get themselves involved with. Coming off of a one year deal with the Angels, in which he started 24 games, he is most likely looking for another one year, at my best guess, around $4-6 million in that contract.

Overall I could see all three of these pitchers wearing a Minnesota Twins jersey Opening day, but the best options for the Twins would be to sign pitchers Phil Hughes and Bronson Arroyo. For Hughes, it is his age that is most attractive and with a new home in Target Field there is no reason why he shouldn't be more successful here. As for Arroyo It is his innings pitched that grabs your attention the most, and they should for his age, being 37 years old it makes it even more likely the Twins could sign him for a cheaper value compared to other pitchers.

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